Floppy Disk, Audio Cassette/Reel Conversion


Compact Audio Cassettes, have been around since the 1960s, and offered great portability for people who wanted to listen to their music while on the move. This was given a huge boost when the Sony Walkman made its appearance on UK High Streets in the early 1980s. 


Floppy Disks, have also been around for at least 50 years, albeit in different sizes and formats, with the most popular being the 3.5"first seen back in the mid 1980s. They became even more popular and versatile when home personal computers became affordable by the mid 90s.


Here's what we can do with your audio cassettes, reels and floppy disks:-


  • We can convert most Compact Casssette formats into digital MP3 format - C45, C90, C120 etc.


  • We can also convert Reel-to-Reel audio into digital MP3 (3", 5" and 7" audio reels)


  • We can convert any data from 3.5" floppy drives to whatever media format is suitable, and then copy them to DVD, SD card, Flash Drive or Dropbox 


  • And finally, Mini and MicroCassettes that were often used in dictaphones, can also be converted to MP3


  • We offer discounts for larger orders. 

  • Your completed digital MP3s can be saved to a variety of optical storage devices such as DVD, SD Card or USB data pens and returned to you by Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" delivery serviceOr if you live local you can come and collect on completion.


  • If you want a faster more convenient alternative, you can retrieve your MP3s from our Dropbox online storage service via a secure account (your reels will be returned by Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" delivery.)


  • We do not charge VAT.




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