More Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my items to you?

Regardles of what you are sending it is vital that your precious photos, slides etc are well protected inside thick jiffy bags, or double walled cardboard packing boxes, with plenty of packing material inside so that your items won't move around during shipping. (Bubble wrap is preferred over loose polystyrene chippings). It may also help to either write or add a label marked "Fragile" around your bag or box, along with plenty of tape prior to transit.


In terms of photo albums, obviously keeping the weight down will mean relatively cheaper delivery costs. So you may feel it more economical to remove the photos from your albums first, and putting them into organised envelopes with labels describing what they are, and then placing them into packing boxes prior to shipping.


Simiarly with slides. We do have some customers posting them to us in plastic slide-holding boxes or carousels wrapped in brown packing paper. Quite often these boxes are damaged purely because they were not placed inside a secure cardboard packing box. Therefore it maybe more prudent to remove the slides from the plastic box and put them into organised envelopes (see above), and pack them in  thick jiffy bags or cardboard boxes prior to shipping. (Or keep them in their plastic boxes but placing them securely inside packing boxes.)


As well as packing your items, please also include your order number reference and contact details. That way we will know who the owner is and what is required on delivery. It is also recommended that you write your name and address on the outside of the packing box in case of any queries during transit.


Please note that our scanning service encompasses the UK mainland only. We currently do not take requests from overseas, although we hope to add this service in the not too distant future.

How is my order processed, and will I be kept informed with its progress?


  1. Register with us via the My Orders page by clicking the "Sign In" link, so as to keep track of your order(s). Simply enter your email address and a link will be sent to you.
  2. The Shopping Bag will keep a running inventory of what you have added. If you have made a mistake with something, just click the "X" next to the product and it will be removed from your cart.
  3. It is important that you enter an accurate number of items that you are sending to us as any great differences may result in delays.When you have finished ordering click the "I agree with the T&Cs" box.
  4. There are three payment options "Checkout", "PayPal Checkout" and "PayPal Credit". The latter two will requre you to have a PayPal account at the ready. If you prefer not to use the PayPal options click "Checkout"
  5. After entering your contact details you will have the option of either having the completed order despatched to you, or collecting it yourself
  6. If you select "I'll Pick it up Myself" you will then see a calendar which, if you click on it, will offer you availability dates at least 14 days hence. Select the date and time that suits you. However, if we believe this may not be achievable we will let you know asap.
  7. If, on the other hand, you select "Ship to my Address" there are two shipping methods - "DropBox" or Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" If you go with the former, your completed digital images will be found there, and your originals will be returned to you via Royal Mail.  
  8. Choose your payment method (PayPal, Debit/Credit Card)
  9. There is a further payment option "Payment on Completion", which means you won't have to pay until we submit an invoice to you after the order is complete. (Subsequently only cheques and bank transfers will be accepted)
  10. There is also the option to add comments to your order (useful for specifying DVD slideshow details if you have selected that option,)
  11. Depending on your choice of payment, the payment will be authenticated during the order process, and on success you will receive an email acknowledgeing your order along with a customer order number that should be used in all corresspodence for order tracking purposes.
  12. The confirmation email from us will also include our delivery address for you to send your package to. (Always check your spam/junk folders if you haven't received any updates from our mailbox of "")
  13. Once fully completed we will notify you by email to say that your original items will be returned by Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" delivery service, including your digital images (unless you have opted for the latter to be made available via Dropbox).
  14. We will credit you with any photos, slides etc. that we were unable to process.
  15. As a reminder: when we start work on your order and there is a significant difference between what you have sent and what we have physically counted we will not begin work until you have given us approval to continue. We may also need to reinvoice you the difference before returning your goods. So again it is important you send us accurate figures.



When do I pay and what payment methods are available?


  • Credit & Debit Cards - Visa, Mastercard
  • PayPal - You can use your existing PayPal account, or create one should you wish to pay via Pay Pal 
  • Payment on Completion - This means you don't pay anything during the checkout stage. Instead you will have the option of paying by cheque or making a bank transfer when the order is complete. Thus:-
  1. Cheques - On completion of your order we will email you your invoice to say that payment is now due. We will also include our bank account details.
  2. Direct Bank Transfers - Similarly, you will recieve your invoice from us on completion of your order. Our bank details will also be included.   


What happens to photos, slides and negatives you cannot scan? Do I get a part-refund?

Just suppose you have requested 300 loose photos, 100 slides and 20 film strips to be scanned, and you have already paid the £100 invoice (as a simple example only). However, during our scanning process we are unable to scan 10 slides, 30 photos and 3 strips due to a variety of reasons, and that only £85 worth of your order was successful. In such instances we would contact you by email and credit you the £15 directly to your bank via direct bank transfer (or cheque if you prefer).


* There are some exceptions however. Photos, slides or negatives that are already over/underexposed, or are blank (such as found on film strips), or badly damaged are excluded

Are you still open for business during the lockdown?

Yes, we are still open. In fact we never really closed primarily because our services rarely require customers to visit our offices.


If customers do visit us, via an appointment, we do adhere to the latest government guidelines, including social distancing and the wearing of masks & gloves; and discussing order requirements outside of our premises where permissable. 


Are there any photos or slides you won't scan?

At present we cannot scan the following:-

  • photos or slides with staples, pins, Sellotape, glue, Blue Tack or any form of adhesive.
  • laminated photos
  • torn or badly damaged/marked photos, slides and negatives
  • under/overexposed images
  • blank frames on film strips
  • glass slides
  • photos larger than A4

And in terms of content, we will use our discretion, but generally we will not scan the following:-

  • Anything that is racist, homophobic, sexist etc.
  • Violence, death, explicit injuries/wounds, torture...
  • Anti-social activies including terrorism, riots, anarchy, civil disobedience...
  • Animal cruelty/suffering, including blood sports
  • Nudity (Semi or Full), sexual activity
  • Child abuse/paedophilia
  • Anything that might be construed as libelous, malicious and/or defamatory 

Do you offer discounts for larger orders?

We do offer discounts for quantities over certain thresholds across all our scanning services (See our Price List page for more details). 

What courier do you use?

Royal Mail is our courier of choice, as we have always found them reliable, helpful and consistent with their delivery service. That said, during busier periods we will sometimes include other national couriers such as Hermes and DPD.


In our experience, Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" service is widely favoured by our customers, and as such it is our prinicple despatch service.


For our requirements, "Tracked 48" covers four levels of service, based on weight and size (in cms):-

  • Small Parcels up to 1Kg (max dimensions L45 x W35 x D16)
  • Medium Parcels up to 2Kg (max dimensions L61 x W46 x D46)
  • Medium Parcels up to 5Kg (max dimensions L61 x W46 x D46)
  • Medium Parcels up to 10Kg (max dimensions L61 x W46 x D46)

In addition, the service includes:-

  • end-to-end tracking
  • sms/email notifications
  • 2 to 3 working day delivery
  • up to £100 compensation


So before you send your parcel to us, you may find it prudent to weigh what you have and consider if you can somehow reduce the weight to meet one of the cheaper thresholds of the "Tracked 48" service.


For example, sending a couple of full photo albums in a packing box may tip the scales at say 3Kg. Thus falling into the third most expensive tier of the Tracked 48 service ("Parcels up to 5Kg").


Whereas, if you removed the photos and just sent them in the same box or smaller, the weight could come in at just under 1Kg, thus potentially saving you money on postage both ways.


Of course if you live local to us you can save money by collecting your completed order yourself. During the ordering process you will have the option of "I'll Pick it up Myself" as a despatch method. This means you'll be able to select a date and time at least 14 days ahead of when we recieved your order, to collect your items.

What does Estimated Shipping mean on the My Orders Page?

This is a base estimation of postal costs using the cheapest and least secure method of delivery. It os onl to be used as a guide. However, we prefer Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" service, which costs more, but offers a far more robust form of delivery

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