Digital AV Conversions: More FAQs

Do you keep my originals?

Everything you send to us is returned along with your completed order. We will also keep a backup of your converted media on our archived storage server for a period of 60 days in case you should have any need for a spare copy.


Moreover, given the sensitive nature of your personal photos we take your privacy very seriously, and we fully adhere to the 'General Data Protection Regulation (2018)'. Your original tapes/reels, for example, will be stored in a secure fireproof safe for the duration of your order request.


Click here for more information regarding our Privacy Policy.

Are you still open for business during the lockdown?

Yes, we are still open. If customers do visit us to collect their completed orders  we do adhere to the latest government guidelines, including hand sanitizing, social distancing and the wearing of masks & gloves. And that the handing over of goods will generally take place outside of our premises.


Are there any videos or reels you won't or can't convert?

In such instances we will use our discretion, but we may not be able to convert the following:-

  • tapes, reels or cassettes that are physically damaged,
  • tape twisted, creased, scuffed or marked


In these instances we may credit you against your original invoice.


In terms of content, we generally play the tape/reel prior to the conversion process so that we can judge the quality of the media as well as the content.


Based on these findings we will use our discretion,  but generally we will not convert the following:-

  • Anything that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist etc.
  • Violence, death, explicit injuries/wounds, rape, torture.
  • Anti-social activies, criminal intent, terrorism, riots, anarchy, civil disobedience.
  • Animal cruelty/suffering, including blood sports
  • Sexual nudity (Semi or Full), sexual activity
  • Child abuse/paedophilia 
  • Anything that might be construed as libelous, malicious and/or defamatory 

        Under certain circumstances such extreme images may result in police action.

What courier do you use?

Royal Mail is our courier of choice, as we have always found them reliable and consistent with their delivery service. That said, during busier periods we will sometimes include other national couriers such as Hermes and DPD.


In our experience, Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" service is widely favoured by our customers, and as such it is our prinicple despatch service.


For our requirements, "Tracked 48" covers four levels of service, based on weight and size (in cms):-

  • Small Parcels up to 1Kg (max dimensions L45 x W35 x D16)
  • Medium Parcels up to 2Kg (max dimensions L61 x W46 x D46)
  • Medium Parcels up to 5Kg (max dimensions L61 x W46 x D46)
  • Medium Parcels up to 10Kg (max dimensions L61 x W46 x D46)​

In addition, the service includes:-

  • end-to-end tracking
  • sms/email notifications
  • 2 to 3 working day delivery
  • up to £100 compensation


What size storage media should I choose when building my order?

Audio cassettes/reels of any length, will probably sit comfortably  on a standard CD (700MB) or 8GB SD Card or 8GB USB Flash Drive.


Video tapes of any length & format should tranfer to standard DVD (4.7GB) or 8GB SD/USB Flash Drives at HD resolution (1080p)


Cine reels of any length or format, will tranfer to standard DVD or 8GB SD/USB Flash Drives.


If you're still not sure what size to choose, don't add the storage device to your shopping basket order. We will make that decision for you by choosing the most appropriate size for your transferred/converted media during the order process.

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