Cine Film Reel Conversion


Cine Film comes in a variety of sizes and formats. The format itself has been around for almost 100 years, and is still in rare use among die-hard fans today. The only problem is that because of its age picture quality is often poor, with scratches, smudges colour washout. And even decent quality reels stored in metal cans, won't always protect the delicate film over time.


Here's what we can do with your cine reels:-


  • We can convert Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm reels to most digitial formats.


  • We can handle 3" (50ft), 5" (200ft) and 7" reels (400ft)


  • Films will be converted digitally to full HD standard (1080p) via MP4


  • We offer discounts for larger orders. 

  • Your completed digital film can be saved to a variety of optical storage devices such as DVD, SD Card or USB data pens and returned to you by Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" delivery serviceOr if you live local you can come and collect on completion.


  • If you want a faster more convenient alternative, you can retrieve your digital films from our Dropbox online storage service via a secure account (your reels will be returned by Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" delivery.)


  • We do not charge VAT.




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