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Photo albums and photo frames are great for keeping your precious photos in one safe and well protected place. However, just like with loose photos, they tend to be buried in one's attic and generally forgotten about for ever and a day!


Here's what we can do with your albums and frames:-

  • Depending on how your photos are placed in albums (in or behind transparent pages/envelopes, self-adhesive pages, gum etc) we can carefully remove and scan them at 600 dots per inch (dpi), which is the benchmark for excellent quality images (Please note, photos that have been permanently glued, stapled, pinned to an album/frame, may not be processed for risk of damaging your photos during removal.)


  • As a slightly cheaper alternative, we can scan at 300dpi, which will deliver good quality images and a smaller file size.


  • If larger photos are required we can scan at 1200dpi for sizes up to A4.

  • All photos will be correctly orientated and cropped as standard.

  • If required we can rename your digital photos into organised folders for better indexing. (See point 2 of our FAQ page for more information on how this works.)


  • You can have your digital images saved in the default high-quality/low-compression JPG file type, or for a small fee (due to longer processing time), photo-editable TIFF format.  (See point 4 of our FAQs for more information)


  • Your digital photos can be saved to optical storage devices such as CD, DVD, SD Card or USB data pens, and returned to you by Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" delivery. along with your original albums. Or if you live local you can come and collect on completion.


  • If you want a faster more convenient alternative, you can retrieve them from our Dropbox online storage service via a secure account (your albums will be returned by Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" service.)


  • For an additional fee we can create a DVD slideshow of some or all of your scanned images (especially birthdays and weddings etc) played to a piece of music of your choice. (See point 3 on our FAQ page for more details)


  • Good discounts for larger orders.

  • We do not charge VAT.



We offer three levels of detailed scanning depending on quality and expected turnaround times. For example some of our customers just want a straightforward transfer to digital format, and are not too concerned about dust removal, blemishes, washed-out colour etc. As a consequence the turnaround time in this instance is far quicker and of course cheaper.


At the other end of the scale, we do have customers wanting their precious old photos digital scanned and painstakingly cleaned with as much colour & contrast restored as possible. As a consequence time-scales are longer as each photo has to be  thoroughly processed using our Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop applications.


As such the cost reflects the level of each service.


Straight scan, no cleaning, dust removal or colour restoration. Choice of JPG or TIFF file format. Batch file renaming option.


Scanned and cleaned using ICE technology; colour restoration; choice of  JPG or TIFF file format. Batch file renaming option.


Scanned, cleaned, colour restored and minor repairs fixed using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. Choice of  JPG or TIFF file format. Batch file renaming option.


Prior to scanning we can remove your photos from your albums/frames as follows:-


We will remove photos from your album, and scan and clean them individually (See our Detailed Scan Service above). Once completed we will place the photos into suitably sized envelopes and return them to you with the original photo album along with the storage device hosting your new digital images.


 We will perform the Standard Removal Service (See our Detailed Scan Service above), but also return the photos back to their original places in your album.


* Please note

These two services are not available if your photos are permanently fixed/glued/stapled to album pages or frames, as we would not wish to run the risk of damaging them during the removal process. We can still scan them per page by placing the whole album under the scanner, so that we can ensure your photos are not damaged.


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