Word Document Formatting / Copy Editing

Have you started a Word document and found yourself in a fix and you don’t know how to correct it or tidy it up?  We can help. We will look through your document and, with a trained eye, correct any errors such as justification, page numbering, style, font consistency, paragraph styles, tabs, character styles, list / table structures to provide attractive, structured and consistent documents.


Quite often,  Word documents go through many different hands for people to add their own input to it.  As such,  the document can become unmanageable because of all the formatting people have used.  One example of this might be someone adding new paragraphs to the document and trying to incorporate new paragraph numbering.  This will then throw the current numbering and other elements, such as images, font and page justification, out of alignment.


In these cases, it needs someone to go through the core of the document to unravel all the formulas and make it easier to amend / work with. 

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