Terms and Conditions

As part of our service to you, Bluebell Office Services Ltd will endeavour to:

• Ensure that information presented to us is not accessible to third parties without your consent.
• Work to ensure that all our computer systems are protected by security systems to avoid hacking, malware, etc.
• Send password protected documents via internet and email, upon request.
• Ensure that physical computer hardware, i.e., laptops, are locked away securely when not in use.
• Back up work and information onto a secure database and locked away.
• Carry out continuous risk assessment checks to determine any weak links in security.
• Inform you immediately where we feel there may be a conflict of interest.
• Ensure that work carried out is done in a secure location and via a secure wifi connection. 
• Make every effort to maintain customer confidentiality.


Completed Work

All completed documents and logos will be sent to you in PDF (locked) format with the Bluebell watermark until either payment is made or we have received written or email confirmation that you accept the copy and you agree to payment for the services we have provided for you.


Website Advertisements
From time to time we may allow advertisements on our website.  Bluebell Office Services Ltd is not responsible for the content of these advertisements or any adverse affects these links may cause to your PC.  Bluebell Office Services Ltd does not approve or endorse any of these advertisments or the content expressed within them. 


Written Quotations

Written quotations are available upon request.  Please note that before commencement we require written confirmation of the work you require.  This can be done by email or upon production of a purchase order.  Payment is due within 15 days of invoicing (or longer by prior agreement).  If you have any problems with payment we may be able to help.  If, after a reasonable period and once all payment avenues have been explored, and / or we get no response to our final request for payment, we will take steps towards legal action to recover this debt.



Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Paypal or cheque.  Please note that any cheques returned unpaid which incur a charge will be payable by the customer.


Operating Systems

We operate using Microsoft Windows 10 and we can work with Office 2010, 2013 and 2016  We use Kashflow software for Bookkeeping.


Website Visibility

Whilst we make ever effort to keep our website visible, there may be instances, outside of our control, where the website is offline.


Travelling Expenses

Whilst we anticipate that most of the work we do will be virtual, if there is a need for travel outside of the local area, travel expenses, at a rate of 45p per mile will apply.   Local area is defined as within 5 miles of Low Seaton or Gosforth in Cumbria.


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