Photo Scanning: Frequently Asked Questions 

What timeframe can I expect?

There are of course a number of factors that determine timeframes, not least the size of your order, the level of detail you require and our current order workflow. But as a rough estimate please expect the following:-


Loose photos of less than 400 - 4 to 6 days

Loose photos between 400 and 1000 - 5 to 14 days

Loose photos more than a 1000 - 12 to 21 days


Photo Albums (each)  - 4 to 6 days


Slides and Negatives less than 400 - 6 to 10 days

Slides and Negatives more than 400 - 10 to 16 days


DVD Slideshow - 5 to 8 days


* days are Working Days, and exclude bank holidays. Based on "Standard" level of scanning detail & JPG format.


** These timescales are subject to change and are generally beyond our control depending on demand. But you will be regularly notified when your order has reached the processing & completion stages.

How do I send my items to you?

Regardless of what you are sending it is vital that your precious photos, slides etc are well protected inside thick jiffy bags, or double walled cardboard packing boxes, with plenty of packing material inside so that your items won't move around during shipping. (Bubble wrap is preferred over loose polystyrene chippings). It may also help to write or add a label marked "Fragile" around your bag or box, along with plenty of tape prior to transit.


In terms of photo albums, obviously keeping the weight down will mean relatively cheaper delivery costs. So you may feel it more economical to remove the photos from your albums first, and place them into organised envelopes with labels describing what they are, and then placing them into packing boxes or large jiffy bags prior to shipping.


Simiarly with slides. We do have some customers posting them to us in plastic slide-holding boxes or carousels wrapped in brown packing paper. Quite often these boxes are damaged purely because they were not placed inside a secure packing box.


Therefore it maybe more prudent to remove the slides from the carousel and put them into organised envelopes (see above), and pack them in  thick jiffy bags or cardboard boxes prior to shipping. (Or keep them in their plastic boxes but placing them securely inside packing boxes.)


As well as packing your items, please also include your order number reference and contact details. That way we will know who the owner is and what is required on delivery. It is also recommended that you write your name and address on the outside of the packing box in case of any queries during transit. Finally, we recommend you take out shipping insurance with the courier of your choice before sending them to us just for extra peace of mind.


Please note that our scanning service encompasses the UK mainland only. We currently do not take requests from overseas, although we hope to add this service in the not too distant future.

How is my order processed, and will I be kept informed with its progress?

  • We will shortly be introducing an online ordering and payment system for your convenience. In the interim we offer a Payment on Completion scheme.


  • "Payment on Completion",  means you won't have to pay until we submit an invoice to you after the order is completed. (Subsequently only cash, cheques and bank transfers will be accepted). Please note however, that depending on the size of your order, we may have to ask for a small deposit before starting any work. You will be notified asap if this is needed.


  • Until our new online system is launched, simply telephone or email us with your requirements, and we will work out an estimated cost for the work involved.


  • If you're satisfied with the quote, you can then send your parcel to us by your chosen courier; or by personal visit to our offices (please arrange an appointment first)


  • On receipt of your items, we will do an inventory just to confirm quantites, media formats and any queries we may have.  We will then phone or email you to confirm your order, and a rough estimate on when we will start work on it, along with how long it will take to complete.


  • On completion of your order you will receive a confirmation email from us. (Always check your spam/junk folders if you haven't received any updates from our mailbox of ""). You can then decide how you would like your items returned once an invoice has been issued and subsequently paid.



Is there a minimum order you undertake?

We only accept minimum orders in excess of £1.00 (excluding P&P)

When do I pay and what payment options are available?

  • Until our new online ordering and payment system is launched we can only accept cash, cheque or bank transfers. Although we do hope ot offer credit and debit card options, along with PayPal payments very soon

Can I drop off and pick up my photos and slides?

If you live in the local area it will certainly be much cheaper and quicker to drop off your items to our office by hand. And likewise to collect them on completion of your order.


If you intend to drop them off we will need you to contact us by phone or email for an appointment 2 or 3 days prior to doing so. 


Do I have to count all the photos, slides etc I send to you?

It is very important that you count the number of loose photos, slides etc. prior to sending them to us. 


During the ordering process on the My Orders page, you will be asked for various specific quantites against particular items you'll be sending to us. This will ultimately give you a clearer picture of how much the service will cost.


If there is a significant discrepancy between what you have ordered and the number actually delivered, we may have to reinvoice you the balance before starting work. 


Therefore to prevent such delays, an accurate assessment of what you are sending us will be very welcome.


If you live locally and prefer to drop off/collect at our office, it would still be helpful if you counted your items. If you don't perform a count we can do that for you, but it may incur a small fee of £1 per 1000 items.


How does Dropbox work?

Rather than waiting 'x' number of days for your digital images & original photos to be returned via Royal Mail, Dropbox offers a far quicker and easier solution.


DropBox is a popular online file storage solution for people and  businesses to share documents, photos & videos. But the beauty of Dropbox is that you can access your files from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night 24/7.


This is how it works should you choose this option:-


  1. We will create a temporary Dropbox directory where your digital images will be stored. 
  2. We will add your email address to the Dropbox directory thus giving you shared permissions to access the folder. 
  3. We will email you the Dropbox link,
  4. All you have to do is click the link and you should be able to access and download your digital images to your own devices. 
  5. Please note: because this is an online service you will need to have access to the internet. Plus, when you start downloading your files to your device you may need to keep an eye on any data capping from your ISP/Phone network provider if you're using 4G/5G. 


Your Dropbox directory will be active for 30 days. Your original albums, photos, slides etc will be returned to you via Royal Mail's "Tracked 48" delivery service.



Some of my photos and slides are in poor condition. Can they still be scanned?

If they are badly torn/scratched/blemished/stained etc. we will use our discretion and if possible endeavour to scan them. However, we cannot guarantee the final image will be satisfactory, even when processed through ICE and Photoshop. Any items that we cannot scan will be put to one side, and will credit your invoice accordingly.


When handling your items we use lint-free gloves/clothes during the progress of your order. We endevour to the highest of quality controls, but we are also not responsible for any damage or harm caused by the use of our equipment and other services. By submitting your goods to us by means of an order, you therefore accept this disclaimer.

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